“Our Present & Our Future”

A thought provoking symposium

For Teaching Elders, Commissioned Ruling  Elders, Christian Educators, Ruling Elders, Deacons and all Congregations!

2015 Presbytery Leadership Event

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Second Presbyterian Church

214 Mountain Avenue SW

Roanoke, Virginia  24016

8:30 AM  until  4:00 PM


Come join others from throughout the Presbytery for a day of worship, fellowship, and sharing ideas for innovative growth.

      Our charge:  To provide a look at what is being done by committees within the Presbytery and by individual churches to foster active participation in the Christian life.  Much of what is already being done in this regard falls under the leadership of our Associate Presbyter, Reverend Jeff Binder, who will be our keynote speaker. 

Raised in Parma, Ohio, a large suburb of Cleveland,  Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from the College of Wooster and a Master of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary where he was a Tomlinson-Hampton Merit Scholar for academic achievement and church leadership.   He has studied abroad and some  of his continuing education includes the Princeton Theological Seminary Institute for Youth Ministry in 2005 and 2006.

   Additional educational opportunities:

    +  Fair Trade Table (cash or check)

     +Boy Scouts of America


Please choose/check only one workshop in each of the four 50-minute sessions:


First Session Workshops:

o   Discussion on Embracing Change in all aspects of the church by having faith in our future. The session will be led by our Associate Presbyter for Ministry, Rev. Steve Earl. (also presented in Third session)

o   Glory to God, the new Presbyterian Hymnal, explored with Carol J. Henderson, Minister of Music. (also presented in Fourth session)

o   Young Adult and Campus Ministries conducted by Rev. Andy King representing U-Kirk at Radford University. (also presented in Third session)

o   New “Small Church Residency Program.”  A firsthand look by Rev. Kristen Reinhold, Green Ridge PC. (only presentation of this workshop)

      Social Media and the Faith Journey. Sharing the heavens with the “cloud,” lead by Carter Edwards. (only presentation of this workshop)



Second Session Workshops:

o   Ways of Maintaining Stability While Promoting Change to keep a long-term pastorate vital, led by Rev. George Anderson. 

o   Working model for Church Mission Weeks presented by Rev. Gary Marshall who has led the “Mallow Adult and Youth Summer Mission Week” for over ten years. 

o   Youth Panel moderated by Rev. Jeff Binder featuring young members who have had meaningful experiences in our presbytery. 

o   A fresh look at New Worshiping Communities with Rev. Matthew Gaventa. (only presentation of this workshop)



Third Session Workshops:

o   Embracing Change (see First session for details)

o   Outreach Today with an Eye on the Future by Rev. James Moss, Chair, Committee on Church Development. 

o   Young Adult and Campus Ministries (see First session for details)

o   Neighborhood-Wide Mission Opportunities for families and children with Suzy Edwards, Chairperson of the Presbytery Leadership Committee. (only presentation of this workshop)

      Social Media and the Faith Journey. Sharing the heavens with the “cloud,” lead by Carter Edwards. 


This event is being sponsored by the Leadership Committee of the Presbytery of the Peaks. We wish to thank the staff and session of Second Presbyterian Church for the gracious use of their facilities. Included in your $10 per person registration fee is a box lunch provided by Second Helpings mission of Roanoke.


Print out this registration form and mail with fee to POP (address below);OR

Call the POP office (phone below) to register and pay fee at the event.


Phone: 434-845-1754  Fax: 434-845-7829  e-mail: office@peakspresbytery.org

Address: 1022 Floyd St., Suite A, Lynchburg, VA  24501

Registration deadline is Wednesday, October 7.

Registration is also available by contacting the Presbytery Office: 434.845.1754; office@peakspresbytery.org 

Registration fee is $10 which includes lunch.