Below are the various grants offered by PC(USA) related organizations such as the Synod of the Mid Atlantic and the Presbyterian Mission Agency available to members of the Presbytery of the Peaks.  More information on each grant is available at the link to the grant.

For Congregations:

Two Cents-a-Meal

Presbytery grant for hunger.  All grant recipients  must address hunger through one or more of the following five Presbyterian Hunger Program areas of emphasis:  direct food relief, development assistance, public policy advocacy, hunger education and/or lifestyle integrity.  Click here for more details.  

Hunger Action Fund

Receives and distributes contributions for the support of hunger action enablers and hunger projects within the synod.  Click here for more details.  

Community Outreach Block Grant

A Presbytery grant for local organizations that must be forwarded by a local session.  The Presbytery of the Peaks has funds budgeted for annual Block Grants.  Local community organizations providing tutoring programs, clinics, adult care, jail ministry or other community care programs are eligible to apply.    Click here to apply.

Church Redevelopment Grants

(coming soon)

Black Caucus Innovation Grant

(common soon)

Small Church Fund

Synod fund that distributes income from the McCallum and Small church and Manse funds to new and small churches for mission projects and assistance for the renovation of church facilities and manses.  Click here for more details.  

Jubilee Fund

Income to be used for mission projects supporting African-American clergy recruitment, Christian education, leadership development, youth ministry, and ongoing daycare. Click here for more details.  


For Pastors:

Albert Sidney Wooding Fund

Established by bequest for the income to be used to support aged Presbyterian ministers of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Click here for more details.  

Emergency Assistance Grant

A joint Presbytery and Board of Pensions grant for pastors who face various financial emergencies.  Click here to apply.

Minister Educational Debt Grant

A Board of Pensions grant for seminary loans.  Click here to apply.

Sabbath Sabbatical Support Grant

A Board of Pensions grant for sabbaticals.  Click here to apply.

Transition to College Assistance

A Board of Pensions grant for pastors with children entering college.  Click here to apply.


For Individuals:

Seminary and Undergraduate Scholarship Funds

Our Synod has several scholarship funds for undergraduate and seminary students.  Click here for more details. 

Financial Aid for Service

Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA) program.  Loans, grants and scholarships are available for undergraduate and graduate students at Presbyterian (U.S.A.)-affiliated colleges and seminary students.  Also explore ways in which the Presbyterian Mission Agency is reducing financial barriers to service for undergraduates, seminary students, volunteers in mission, and pastors with educational debt.  Click here for more information.