Matthew 25

The video above is a recording of a Zoom call held on April 13, 2021 to help you learn how your church can become an official Matthew 25 congregation.

Sy Hughes, Mission Engagement Advisor for the Southeastern US/Presbyterian Mission Agency, highlights resources and assists congregation who may be considering the Matthew 25 Invitation.  The emphasis is on practical help for congregations as they focus their mission, with Matthew 25 as a guide.

For a copy of the PowerPoint used in this presentation, see this link:
Matthew 25 PowerPoint

For help from within the Presbytery of the Peaks, contact Mission Chair, Bob Fiedler:

Below, you can also find Diane Moffett’s Matthew 25 presentation from the November 19, 2020 Stated Meeting:

Becoming a Matthew 25 congregation is relatively simple and involves the following:
1. Sign up
2. Continue congregational mission efforts in one or more of the following areas:
     •building congregational vitality
     •dismantling structural racism
     •eradicating systemic poverty
3. Share your stories of how embracing Matthew 25 is impacting your congregation/community

For more Matthew 25 information:

Matthew 25 Resource Guide

Matthew 25 Facebook Group