Racial Equity Initiative


In 2020 the Cabinet recommended that pastors of Peaks Presbytery receive antiracism training. A workgroup was formed to research training options and facilitate the training process. During 2021 the Racial Equity Workgroup surveyed pastors and presented several information sessions for Presbytery members. In January 2022 the Racial Equity Institute of Greensboro, NC provided online training for 43 pastors and other members of the Presbytery. 

Since the training, the Racial Equity Workgroup transformed into the Racial Equity Subcommittee under the Justice and Mercy Commission. The Subcommittee continues to research the history of racism in the churches of the Presbytery, to provide resources for churches interested in learning more about that history, and to offer workshops, Bible Studies, and field trips to important Civil Rights sites. 

Mission: To support the social justice advocacy responsibilities of the Justice and Mercy Commission in advancing racial equity within the presbytery and beyond. 

Subcommittee Members: Pat Allen, Margie Anderson, Vernie Bolden, Julie Bryan, John Collins, Terri Cornwell, Mark Derbyshire, Bob Fiedler (Chair), Dusty Fiedler, Naomi Hodge Muse, Nancy Morris, Carl Utley, Ray Williams, Elease Wilson, Jill Williams.