Middle and High School Youth Retreat

ATTENTION: This event will no longer live, but will be pre-recorded and distributed to interested churches online.  

Please join us for our first ever virtual youth retreat, Sat April 17, 10am-noon.

Details & registration can be found here: PoPYoCo Middle & High School Virtual Retreat (google.com)

WHY SHOULD YOUTH ATTEND? Our ministry-minded high school & adult Youth Council members plan and lead all aspects of the retreat—keynotes, worship, music, games, and small groups. When young people see their peers in leadership, they remember that ministry is for everyone, and they usually want to come back year after year! You will meet other young Presbyterians from our area, which fosters a deeper understanding of how we are all connected in the body of Christ. Whether your congregation has a thriving youth program or one or two kids, our retreat is an opportunity to grow in faith and love for Jesus.

Keynote by Rev. Matthew Aldas (pastor of Buchanan Presbyterian Church) & music led by Cameron Moore (Contemporary Music Director at Myers Park Presbyterian Church).


 Need more info? Contact Sam Smith (Discipleship Program Director) at sam@peakspresbytery.org

Can’t make it on April 17? No worries! Have your youth leader or pastor contact Sam (sam@peakspresbytery.org) to receive a pre-recorded version of our virtual retreat for your congregation to do together as a group.