Church Application for Ukirk Internship 
Student Application for UKirk Internship


The Presbytery of the Peaks, Presbyterian Church (USA) at its October 2014 meeting established the UKirk Student Internship program as part of the work of its Higher Education Work Group, a unit of the Presbytery’s Discipleship Committee.  The funding for these internships comes initially from a grant from the former Westminster Foundation, an outgrowth of the support from the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic, Presbyterian Church (USA), for campus ministry.

The purpose of the UKirk Student Intern Scholarships is to give college-age young people the experience of working with a local congregation or church institution.  The expectation is that they will experience spiritual growth and gain appreciation for the work of the church, leading to their development as church leaders, both lay and clergy.

These internships may be for a summer, a semester, or a school year. Those eligible to apply for these funds are ordinarily high school graduates between the ages of 18 and 24 who are members of congregations that belong to the Presbytery of the Peaks or are regular participants in a Peaks-sponsored campus ministry.

The internships are being administered by the Higher Education Work Group (HEWG) of the Discipleship Committee of the Presbytery of the Peaks.  Applications must be received by March 1 for summer internships, by June 1 for fall internships, and by October 1 for spring internships.

An internship may be proposed either by a congregation, a campus ministry or another church-related organization or by the person applying for the internship.  A proposal for the design of an internship shall be presented by the church or organization to the HEWG, a mentor for the internship shall be appointed by the HEWG, and a report shall be made to the HEWG at the conclusion of the internship by both the intern and the partner organization.  In the event that a match has not already been made between an applicant and an organization, the HEWG will attempt (but cannot guarantee) to find a match.

When possible the internships shall be funded by both the UKirk Student Internships and the partner organization on a 4:1 ratio (80% UKSI; 20% Partner):  $1000 + $250 = $1250 for a summer (8 weeks) or semester internship, $2000 + $500 = $2500 for a school-year-long internship.  Up to four (4) internships may be awarded each year.

Contributions to insure the continuation of the UKirk Student Internships will be welcome and may be sent to the office of the Presbytery of the Peaks.

For more information on the internship program, contact a Presbytery of the Peaks Campus Minister or Rev. Matt Bowman, HEWG Chair: 378-1827.