Pilgrimage is a three-day event with a basic message that Christianity is a way of life rather than just a set of doctrines. A highly structured, purposefully designed method for refreshing the faith of individuals and, through the individuals, the environments in which they live and work, Pilgrimage seeks to equip individual Christians to be more effective in their local churches, their homes, their places of business, and their communities.

Pilgrimage activities include singing, worship, discussion, and prayer. Discussion stems from talks by laity and clergy, centered on the theme of God’s grace: how it works in our lives, the different ways we respond to it, and how we live under it.There is also unstructured time for recreation and for time alone. Generally, Pilgrimage is a time to look at your own life in the light of God’s will for you, a time to learn of and reflect on your place in His “scheme of things.”

Pilgrimage is three days long but it lasts a Lifetime!

Pilgrimage Weekend at the Tabor Retreat Center


2012: April 19-22; October 18-21


  • Convener – Bill Cowen
  • National Representative – Bill Cowen
  • Vice Convener – Cookie Milton
  • Publicity – Ric Anderson, Dea Smith
  • Secretary – Cathy Ripley
  • National Representative – Bill Cowen
  • Treasurer – Sherrie Wallace
  • Weekend Coordinator – John Hess/Brenda Adcock
  • Spiritual Advisor – Marina Gopadze
  • Fourth Day Coordinator-Vernon Harvey
  • Palanca Chairperson – Sheri Freeman
  • Applications Coordinator –  Susan Caldwell
  • Interdenominational Representative – John Hess
  • Spark Editor – Kay Harvey
  • Music Coordinator – Shelor Smith

For more information call Susan Caldwell – 540-362-5187